I met two women today…both in the same way. They both walked by me while I was painting, and asked to see what I was doing. Both struck up a conversation with me, both wanted to do something for me, and yet sought to satisfy my “eternal” needs, one sought to satisfy my temporal ones.

One asked me where I thought I was going after I died. We talked for a long while, and when she came to see that I really didn’t care about where, but that I want to love those whom I can now she became visibly upset. She said, “I want you to accept Jesus. I am just sad to see so many people like you that are going to hell, and they don’t care.” She got up and left, and didn’t say goodbye. I didn’t feel loved.

The next woman asked me about what I am doing and asked, “Where do you sleep?” She was young, but I could tell the thought passed her mind that she could offer me accommodation. After I told her about the parameters of pilgrimage, she asked, “Are you hungry? Do you need some money?” Although I wasn’t in need at the moment, she was willing to feed me. I felt loved.

Jesus suggested that we feed his sheep, that we clothe the naked, feed the poor, house the homeless. Which of these two women seem the most like Jesus?