My friend Susan is superhuman. She has committed to this pilgrimage and the concept of helping me create peace in small and large ways. All she has asked of me is that I paint her a picture once in awhile.

While in San Francisco she:

  1. Grocery shopped for me.
  2. Shuttled me to San Jose, Sacramento, and everywhere else you could imagine so that I could guest coach or help someone who needed it.
  3. She sewed things that needed mending.
  4. Loaned me a bicycle.
  5. Helped acquire art supplies.
  6. Helped me plant seeds.
  7. Allowed me to crash on her family’s couch.
  8. Bought me beer and chocolate.
  9. Barbequed at a party in my honor.
  10. And was a friend.

I could elaborate about more of her kind deeds, but I know that she will get mad at me for making too much of it. But not enough can be made. When I asked her why she has helped the pilgrimage so much she replied, “I will do anything to help you help the boys or anyone else in your path, and I didn’t see many others offering. I can…so I did.”

That is really it isn’t it? If we see a need, one that we can help, or fill a void where our services will aid another to love on the many—why would we not help? It is nice to know that there are people like Susan that will drive all the way to Sacramento and back, pay 4 bridge tolls, and pay for the gas, just so that I could help a friend coach some of his boys.

My friend Susan is superhuman…and humbly human. But more than anything she is willing to serve. May we all emulate her examples.