Summer Breeze, makes me feel fine. Blowing through the Jasmine in my mind. Nasseem is a man from Pakistan, who got to see the transformation of India and Pakistan first hand. He exhorted me to actively seek more publicity and news notoriety for what I am doing. I told him that I don’t actively seek that kind of attention, but he countered that, “The peacock shows his feathers for others, he doesn’t dance alone in the woods.” “Why go to all this effort, to do all this work for peace, if no one knows about it, if no one can be effected by it?”

Nasseem in Farsi means summer breeze. He refreshed my spirit with his stories of Gandhi, many I knew, but hearing it first hand from him was invigorating. He reminded me that Gandhi’s pulpit was the press. He wrote many articles and op ed’s for many papers, and as such effectively changed the world. On this new leg of the journey, casting a wider net is perhaps the proper activity.

I met a lot of men, great men in the last 24 hours, all were extremely generous. Some sought to encourage me, some sought to feed me, some gave me top ramen noodles, some taught me about wild edible plants of the South, some told me of their own adventures, some sought to fund the pilgrimage, but all were kind.

Terry, one of many oil men that were extremely kind to me asked for a painting for his daughters. Humor and mirth were cut by the seriousness of why I am here, stories of the road were tempered with compassion for those I’ve been able to meet, help, and be helped by.

Tom, a former Nasa safety engineer, was a delight to talk to and extremely generous. He lives his life as he says to “win it”. He believes that there is only one business in the world, the people business. As a business consultant, he traces every problem a business faces back to a lack of concern for one group of people or another. “Take away all the people, all you have is a bunch of useless stuff.” “To take care of all the people in your life is in essence everything that the bible says.”

He spends much of his time commuting to Africa for oil drilling firms, as such, he is away from home for months at a time. This is hard on his wife, and so to assuage her feelings of loneliness, he asked me to draw his portrait for her.

I’m telling you all there are nothing but good, no GREAT people out here. If we but take a minute to get to know them. Their stories, their compassion, and their humanness is just like our own. WE are one. This planet is our hive, our resource, and our only home. The people who surround us are the answer. Be the solution. Be the peace. Be the love.