It seems that every time I head out, it is a good time to do a self-portrait.

I’ve done several now.

All of them say a little bit about the journey, what my intentions are, and how I see myself.

You see your masks, your insecurities, your successes, and your failures.

You see the passage of time, and the way in which your decisions in life have left their marks upon your face. You are forced to become completely honest with yourself. Brutally honest.

They also force you see exactly where your artistic skills are at. Which is another reason most people avoid them.

Before the pilgrimage, I never did one without using a photograph. Since beginning the pilgrimage, I’ve done several.

Each presents a different point of self-contemplation. Each serve as mile markers on a path less travelled.By their very nature, they are very introspective. When you paint yourself…you really look at yourself.