Marshall, Texas only has 23,000 in habitants, but Eric Wilson and Aurelio Ortiz know most of them. When you are only two of three insurance agents in a small town you get to know people and make relationships. They do this most effectively by using their sense of humor to put people’s minds at ease. With a couple of humorous billboards, they let the public know that they are fun loving guys, but they will also be there for you when you need them.

I first saw Eric in line at the post office in front of me. I recognized him from his 12-foot photo along side the highway. He in turn noticed my tunic and he and Aurelio googled, and found that they agreed with the concept of peace and wanted to see if there is anything that they could help me do. They pulled me over on the side of the road and offered me food, sunblock, money, and to buy me lunch.

I wasn’t in need of anything, and wasn’t hungry, but I offered to do a “peace” of artwork for them. Aurelio asked if I would do a Stargazer Lily for his girl friend. I teased him and asked if I should draw a ring attached to the stem. “No no no no,” he said, and we all laughed. I do wish I had taken them up on their offer for lunch though; I could’ve gotten to know them better.

I met up with them later in their offices to give them the peace. To honor my path for peace, they decided to make a donation in the name of peace to a group called Compassion Bridge in Marshall. Since I didn’t need anything, the kind hearts of these two men will help Compassion Bridge, who helps supply food, medical supplies, and drug treatment to local families and other people who really are in need.

This is the kind of stuff I keep talking about. It isn’t hard. Just see where you can help out. In this example, Eric and Aurelio took on the mantle of peace, and were the love in the world. May we all follow their example.