Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Allah, Mohammed, Lao Tzu, or even Mr. Rodgers. All the people who taught us to be “right” with each other had one thing in common? My favorite was Aesop. We know their stories, their lives, and their teachings. We see them as fables now, but really they are simple stories told to teach us about how to live. Live with kindness and compassion. Live by being kind.

In a way, I see myself as Aesop. Not that I write stories about a lion with a sliver and the friendly mouse who throws caution to the wind to help. But, I write you the good news (that is what the Gospel originally translated meant: Good News). I write you the good news. Because if you turn on your T.V. all you hear is the bad news.

I write you not to tell you about a mouse and a lion. But I write to tell you about all the lions I have met, and how they are kind to this mouse. I write you stories of all the people I have met who despite the obstacles, love and are kind anyway. As much as I can, I am trying to show illustrations of who is out there being kind. I am writing you letters to say be kind.

Be Kind.

That’s it. I just founded my own religion.

Be Kind.

You don’t have to change anything. You can be whoever you want to be. There is only one commandment in this entire religion. Only one verse to memorize. Only one sermon ever. You don’t have to go to church, Mosque, or temple on any day. Every moment for the rest of your life, as often as you choose to live the one verse, one sermon, one idea:

Be kind.

That is all.

If we all lived this religion. WE would be at peace.

We would be one.

My stories are to illustrate all the people being kind around us.

What is the opposite of be kind? The libraries, television, movies, and just about every bit of gossip are about the opposite. We ourselves have filled the world with the opposite. We have made stories upon stories upon stories about who will be in hell. WE have condemned them to hell! WE HATED!!!

We did not love.          When we ought to.

WE were the opposite of kind…how did that work out? Did it make you happier?

Then one day we realized, the opposite hurt.

It hurt someone.

It hurt us.

WE all have hurt. WE all have hurt someone.

But the story doesn’t end there. We have all had that fundamental experience. When, despite everything we had been taught to the contrary…we had empathy. Empathy for our enemy. Empathy for our victim. WE put ourselves in their shoes; we saw life from their perspective. And we hurt for them.

All Mammals have it, the ability to experience empathy. It is called Limbic Resonance. Dolphins, elephants, dogs, cats, …whales. All mammals can feel the hurt of another.

To bad for all animals that we hurt them. WE can have empathy for All things. Not just human if we want to.

Really there is no excuse for hurting another person, or anything. We should apologize to our food and our water for what we do to it. WE take captive everything. Currently we are injuring the earth. All the fundamental questions about everything. The good news is that one idea, one thought, one commandment would solve all the world’s problems or come close to it: Be Kind.

All the people that truly and really realize it, try to live it.

In every, EVERY single way you can…be kind.

Just try it one time.

Even when everything in you says that you shouldn’t do something, like giving a ride to a stranger, financially helping out a family member who hurt you, to be nice to the girl who talked smack about you at work. Be kind, and genuinely mean it.

When you see the hardest situation in your entire life and ask yourself…do I be kind?

Be kind.

Because below that question lies intent. And intent carries with it it’s own question: Which kind of person do you want to be?

The person who does the “right thing” or the loving thing? If that is the question, then I choose to love. When a bum asks for help—give him everything in our wallet. Because it is the most kind thing to do.

Yesterday morning I passed a man asleep, passed out really, on the bank of the road. He looked dead. In our fear society, I “should” have walked on. I asked myself who do I want to be? The guy that helps? Or not?

He could have been a “Bad” guy. He could have chosen to be unkind. He could have chosen to hurt me. He could have killed me. But, when I die, I want it to bed for helping to be peace. I want to go out being who we all hope we are. I want to be peace in every act. I want everyone to be peace. It doesn’t matter who I am. I am just an illustration. WE are PEACE. If we want to be.

Be kind. All the time.

I gave my food to a homeless woman this morning. Why not? All I did is just share what I had. Yesterday, I did a drawing for a lady. Gave some money to a man. Gave some money to a woman. Gave away an ipad that someone gave me. But I also accepted someone putting me up in a hotel. Someone bought me a beer and pizza. Someone gave me money. Someone let me sit in their restaurant to escape the heat of the day. All trying to be kind to me, and I to them.

Be kind.

If people give me money, I say, thank you. And when I give it away, I say thank you. Thanks for letting me see how it feels to receive, and also how good it feels to give. When I give away to it feels good too. Not because anyone knows…I know. You know when you were kind…and you didn’t have to be.

Try it just one time. But, I’m gonna warn you, you will be happy you did, and you begin doing it for the rest of your life. Hopefully your last moment on this planet was that you were kind.

To the N’th degree.

Be happy to see people. Genuinely. Wave to everyone you can because you can—because you can. Because they are good people. Trust and believe in the best about people.

Do good for no other reason than you finally realize…that is who YOU are. At your core. YOU are that person, who does what she was able.

If we could be kind, we would never have to enslave each other. Not to money. To drugs. To anything.

We also wouldn’t have to enslave our populations with borders and prisons. One to keep bad guys in, the other to keep bad guys out? A prison state? This is what we want? Where we are all afraid of each other?

WE have made everything in our lives to be the Superbowl. I am prime time. I am so important. We are, but not like that.

We are important because we recognize we have a choice. Our greatest achievement as a species isn’t that we became self-aware. But that realized we indeed have a choice. You and I can each choose not to be kind. But when every fear in you, and all that you have been taught tells you the smart thing is to neglect to be kind. Be kind anyway, because it is who you are.

Be that person. Be kind and want to.

When it comes to taking care of yourself you want to, extend that same feeling to them.

When someone asked Jesus what was the number one thing, he said, “Love your God, and Love your neighbor as yourself.”

The golden rule.

“Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you.” Take care of others exactly as you take care of yourself.

The shorter version.

Be kind.

In every instant. But do it because you genuinely want to. For that is peace. That is love. Ultimately.

For one person to lay down their life at the mercy of others and do so lovingly…that is love. That is knowing love. Buddha died knowing love. A female tiger was about to die and so were her cubs. The Buddha nourished her by cutting his arm so that she could grow stronger. Then slowly she began to lick harder and harder. Then he gave her his arm, then his leg, and finally, he gave himself. He gave so that she may live.

He was kind. But, today we honor him for it. Be the hero with every action, every deed, and your last act. Fill the play that is the documentary of your life with acts of kindness, and good deeds done.

Look back at that moment as your life flashes you by. In those seconds that seem like hours and ask, did I have a good life and was I kind? If I messed up did I was sorry?

That is what the Dalai Lama said. He said, “Live your life with compassion, and when your time is done, you will look back and enjoy it twice.”

Be Kind.

What you do really matters. More so when you are aware of doing it, and you do it anyway.