I met the majority of the kind people I met yesterday down at Bubba’s grocery store. Of course there was the kind woman at the catholic church who woke me in the morning to see if I was OK. Then there were all the countless people who waved at me. Then there were the oldtimers enjoying the shade that gave me directions. The two 4 year old boys who asked me, “Hey, wad you doin?” Then there were the two kind women in the post office who gave me directions and a $5 bill despite my protest. There was the kind news reporter Paul who interviewed me for the news. There were the cast of characters I met at Bubba’s, the people at a McDonald’s that smiled at me, and the kind woman, father, and husband at the hotel where I stayed last night. And then there was the kind men who gave me money for the hotel, Terry and Tom, despite my protest.

Carl is a fisherman, he offered me to swap fishing stories. No place he’d rather be than out on the water. I can understand that. “You got to watch for snakes this time of year. Water Moccasins will come up and get all the fish.” Bubba and Carl liked my painting of a “Graveyard Grasshopper”, and so I gave it to Carl. It is what I could do to love on others. So why not?