There is no tomorrow. There wasn’t one today. Today, this moment is all you have, are you happy? Since I’ve been in the “Bible Belt” everyone has been telling me about Jesus, and the peace that he is going to bring. I ask them, if he were to come back right now, “What do you think would be the first thing he would do to bring peace? Why are WE not doing that? Why aren’t you?”

I was talking to a man the other day, his friend sat down and I asked him if I could draw him, because I thought he had a beautiful face. “You ain’t gay are you?” he asked.

I told him, “Yes, I am happy.” I am happy because fear isn’t first thought that comes to my mind when another man tells me I’m beautiful. Rather, I’m grateful for his appreciation and his compliment. Better to be bless another because of their beauty, that to make myself ugly with with hate and fear.

The cop on the bridge the other day asked me if I’ve been robbed. I said, “Everyday you go to work expecting others to be unloving, cruel, and evil. Everyday, I wake up expecting people to be kind. Judge for yourself which way of living brings more peace?”

A man said to me, “So you would just lay down all our defenses and abandon our military presence around the world? I can’t do that I need defenses.”

I said, “A man only builds a weapon he plans to use. A farmer doesn’t purchase a tractor if he has no intent to plant. Which would you have our nation sow? Seeds of destruction, killing, and abuse or those of kindness, forgiveness, and peace?

A woman the other day said, “I will never ever apologize for America!”

I said, “I find that only those who have trouble receiving forgiveness have the hardest time extending it. Apologies lead to forgiveness, forgiveness leads to reconciliation, reconciliation to peace. Pride therefore is the impediment to sleeping with contentment. Arrogance blinds me to my own soiled garments.”

Today is the day for peace…there is no tomorrow. There was no tomorrow today?

A man can only stand upon a blade for so long before you decide which side of the knife you wish to be on, you either you choose love or…???