Are we so willing to speak, that we have forgotten how to listen? How often do we simply listen? For thousands of years we have learned to listen, and it has created peace, have we stopped?

With as many civilizations as we’ve found on our own world, compared to the vastness of space…

… life is unspeakably rare.  So whenever we do find another person, especially one that’s… struggling… What message do we send them?

Do we offer help? Sometimes we can’t. But we can always try.  Life is simply too precious not to.

Or do we berate them for the failings and past mistakes. Do we complain about “SOCIALISM”, because we really just do not want to help our neighbor. We don’t want to be the peace. We don’t want to live the golden rule. We don’t want to treat others as WE ourselves would like to be treated.

People complain about socialism, but I ask you have you never used a road? A public library, the police, the fire department, a city, county, state, or national park? Have we never drank clean water from the faucet? Breathed clean air? Gone to a public school, gymnasium, theater, auditorium? Have we never used an institution of the government for our own benefit?

We are socialists. Thank you for being one. Because of you I’ve had an education, read a book from the library, and been helped by the police. Thank you for being socialists.

Now I ask you, can you help your brothers, your sisters; can you help your fellow man?

We an interesting species; an interesting mix.  Capable of such exquisite dreams and such horrifying nightmares.  Technologically we’ve advanced very quickly — some think too quickly… and yet…we are so lost.  So cut off… and so sad. We’ve trampled our world and each other just to get a leg up, but for what?

What does it feel like to understand everything in the universe except yourself?

There is no reason we have to be alone.

We are alone…for now. For thousands of years we’ve searched the cosmos… and after all the suffering, after all the chaos and desolation of the void– the one thing we’ve found that makes the emptiness bearable is each other.

That’s why I walk with my message of peace. That’s why I choose to make contact with my fellow man.

The linked video shows how beautiful we can be as a species, so eager to help, to love, to make another’s day. Compare this video to pulling the trigger to kill. Compare this video hating another because of their skin color? Compare this video to discriminating against another because of another’s sexual preference? Compare this video of love against the opposite…

Imagine if we tried to make each other’s day, instead of trying to ruin it?

Be the love in the world.