I met Steve the poet this morning and he shared with me the story of finding a welcome mat in a junk yard. Except, this welcome mat didn’t say “Welcome” but “Love”. As such it occurred to him that love is a welcome mat, and so he wrote a poem and shared it with me. I share it with his permission with you.


Love is like a mat when you expect to splat. It’s like a cushion when it could be hard. It’s being cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. It’s being told you’re made of gold. 

Grace is bought but never sold. It is earned but has no cost. But for grace—all would be lost. It is bought with love. So see above and below so you may know and grow.

It’s caring and sharing, understanding, defending, befriending, uplifting, helping, communicating, teaching, and forgiving. It’s comfort, rest and joy, it’s praise, pride, and reward. 

Happy is the one who can afford for FATHER GOD has the Best Reward. Amen.

-Steven Douglas Smith