When do you stop worrying?

1. When you’ve been walking and running for 11 months and you have yet to miss a meal.

2. When you ask for nothing, but you have been given new running shoes, a ride, art supplies, a hotel, and love when you needed them.

3. When you have camped out where the bears, skunks, snakes, mountain lions, alligators, and the Boogey Man lives and nothing “Bad” has happened.

4. When for the most part your health has been excellent except when you needed to learn “a lesson”.

5. When everyone around you starts to change their lives for the better because they sense the change that has taken place in yours.

6. When you find yourself excited to see what random occurrences will be delivered to your day today.

7. When you give your only $18 dollars to a homeless man on the road, because he seems to need it more than you.

8. When you have learned what it really feels like to love…and to be loved.

9. When you realize that the only thing that limits you is your expectations.

10. When you are able to manifest “miracles”.

I don’t always get what I want, but I always seem to get what I need. That which is the most compassionate for all seems to always be made manifest.

Even if I get skunked, then bitten by a snake, starve for a week, am hit by a car, then robbed, contract cancer, and am eaten by an alligator…has it not been worth it. Have not the rewards of attempting to live in peace and harmony with all people, animals and the earth, to create beautiful artwork, to love on every person I see and come in contact with…has it not been worth it. If I stop running today…has it not all been worth it?

People ask me all the time, “What do you hope to accomplish?” I respond so matter-of-factly that they are often visibly struck, I say, “World Peace.” They are so used to wanting it but never expecting to see it. They have never tried living it. World peace is just that—living peace. It isn’t something removed from me “out there” that I will one day encounter like going to heaven or Disneyland. Living peace on Earth is available to anyone at anytime. It is not dependent upon what anyone does, says, or thinks about it or you. Peace is about what you do, what you feel, what you think, what you are. You ARE already peace, that is who you are. You only “act out of character” occasionally, and then you remember…that isn’t who I am. I am really better than that. I am peace.

The only one who can rob me of my peace is me. The only reason there is no world peace is because I choose for there not to be. I am the peace…and so are you.