I love little boys. There is something so happy about a kid who just wants to play all the time. Daniel is 7, he is going into 2nd grade next year, but he said that he can’t read yet. He is Mexican, and his father lives in Mexico, but he and his mom live here in Georgia. His mom works at McDonalds where I met him, and she can’t afford day care, so she does what she has too, she brings him to work. Daniel is a good boy. He doesn’t create trouble, but just plays on the jungle gym for 8 hours a day…everyday.

Daniel saw me painting a picture for Cliff and Barbara. Tomorrow is their 30th wedding anniversary. I asked Barbara what kind of flower was her favorite, she said a peace lily. Hmmm…that resonates with me.

Daniel asked to sit with me. He helped me paint, organized my brushes for me, got rid of trash and asked me to draw a T-rex for him. I could tell that he just needed some attention…a little love. Lucky for both of us, I’ve got plenty to give. We ended up playing for hours, and working through every game on my iphone, and watching cartoons on YouTube. Daniel asked me, “Are you coming back tomorrow?”

“No, I will be leaving tonight,” I said.

“I’m gonna miss you. Are you sure you can’t stay here, or move here? Then way we could play everyday,” he said. My heart sank. Having been a latch key kid  of a single mom and an only child myself, I know how it feels to be really lonely when you are that young. I know what it feels like to try to make friends with adults when you have to go places with your mom. Daniel’s mom like my own were and are terrific mothers, but they are just doing the best they can. Daniel is doing the best he can too.

This morning I asked the universe where I should go. I got the impression to go to McDonalds. Had I not listen to that prompting, I wouldn’t have met Daniel, and both of our lives would have been the poorer. I love little boys.