Why does superman pretend to be Clark?

Why where the cape at all? Just be. Why where the suit…either one? Why where the suit of humanity? Why where the suit of super? Why not just wear some of the rags you have left from Kryptonite, or a t-shirt and some cargo shorts? Why not just be you….why not just be a god?

He is, and you are. You can do miracles. Why not just be a god? As a god, why not show everyone how to love each other? Yes, if you were “God” how would you do it? How would you show everyone how to love each other? How can we expect it from anyone else is we aren’t willing to do it ourselves?

And teach them from your mistakes. You will make them. But why not teach them too from the times that you were selfish (like in the first Superman movie) and turned back time to save someone you loved (Lois)…would we all do that…if we could? Save those whom we love?

Why do we think that we would save our loved ones…when often we treat them like crap in the present?

Superpeople—gods if you will—they should help people right? They shouldn’t be selfish. They should love, and show us how to do it.

If we are super people why don’t we do it? Why don’t we treat all human beings as being worthy of “saving from a fire”? Why are all people on a train that is going to crash worth saving? Why don’t we treat people as if they are worthy…before we know they are? Why don’t we act as superman would…to everybody? Superman doesn’t judge…why do we. Superman isn’t apathetic, why are we? Could you imagine superman blaming a man or women for getting raped, loosing a job, being fat, or being on welfare? Then why do we?

You may answer, “Well, I’m not superman. I’m only human.”

That may or may not be true. But many of the things superman did, you and I are both capable of. We can all start by not telling lies like superman. We can always do are best to up hold truth, and justice, and the American way. For these pursuits I don’t need X-ray vision, super strength, cool breath, bullet proof, or the ability to fly,

And what is the American way, isn’t it really—simply doing to others as we wish they’d do to us…isn’t the golden rule really the American Way.

We are sooooooo proud to be American’s, and so slow to live the American Way.

What if everyone thought that they were superman and acted on it? What if our “Father” didn’t want us to blend in, but rather wanted us to be Super. Isn’t that what every religion and deity asks… “Be Super”. Why not do it?

What if you knew that everyone around you was a superhero, a god, available and willing to do things to help others? Except they weren’t, because they all had been told a lie. They’ve all ben told the lie when they asked, “Papa, Momma, coach, society, world…Am I special? Am I super? Am I capable of great amazing, and wonderful things?”

What if we stopped believing the lie, and knew the truth. We are super.

What if we started to act on it?

What if we stopped believing the lie we been told? The lie: “Being mean, war like, lying, and deceitful is better.” And we started believing, but better yet, started acting out: “Truth, justice, and the way of brotherly love?”

But, whom am I trying to convince, you already know the truth. That we really are superheroes. I believe in you all, I think you are all superheroes. You are a hero everyday. Didn’t superman lift a car to safety trying to save Lois? Don’t grandmas lift cars off babies? How? Because they believed they were supermen and women? Doctors save people from death everyday, people cure the blind everyday; people do miraculous things everyday too? Because we want to, in those moments of clarity when we truly understand we are capable of being more than we have limited ourselves to be.

Don’t where the clothes of Kent to blend in, that isn’t who you are. You are a god. Now we all must just act like it. Do the very things you wish “God” would do.

Help the homeless; feed the children, aide women, put and end to war. Be kind to everyone. Don’t hurt anyone. Don’t hurt animals. Don’t hurt the earth. Learn to satisfy you needs, but not your every want and desire. We are a nation of people who can’t park in their garage because we have so much crap. We really didn’t need it all.

Help those who have nothing. Be the peace in the world. If not you, then who?

What if Superman had believed his high school bullies rather than his father? He stopped listening to words that limited him.

What if you stopped listening to them too?