I find that I have a hard time talking to a great many people, especially here in the south. I don’t speak their language. I speak a language based upon science and logic. It is a rationally based tongue. Now logic does dictate that mine might be the errant philosophy, I can admit that. But, history up to this point leads one to believe that logic and the scientific method devoid of emotion often leads to the greatest truth. It wasn’t superstition that got us to the moon and makes your iPhone work. It was calculus, quantum mechanics, and Newtonian physics.

“Classic’ – a book which people praise and don’t read.”- Mark Twain

The old Beach Boys song says, “That’s why God created the radio.” In the 60’s when it was recorded it was hyperbole, but now the notion has changed to an actual belief, in ignorance of the efforts of Marconi.

A man cannot evolve without a rudimentary familiarity with as many disciplines as possible. Why would anyone willfully be ignorant of any subject? People say all the time that they don’t like math, they can’t even draw a stick figure, they are tone deaf, or they don’t study any religion or book besides the Bible. A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself to be ignorant of ALL that there is in life to know.

Had I had the chance to grab an alligator by the tail I would’ve learned something; probably something that can’t be learned by any other means. In trying to develop one’s character, most evident are the words used in one’s speech. They define who you are. If you habitually use general terms in conversation, what grace is there to be had? Malcolm X said, “A man curses because he knows not the words to truly describe how he feels.”

Do you use “a lot” or a myriad, plethora, or a gamut of different words daily? Do you deliberately dumb down your speech for others?

“A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.”- Mark Twain

Ideas are illogical hypotheses whose veracity is born out by logic. A person with an idea is like a gear in the machine of innovation, the crank turns until the idea produces fruit.

And yet we find so many round people try to compartmentalize themselves into square holes. Either you realize you are an illogical fit, or you end up trimming your uniqueness to fit in.

The axiom says that actions speak louder than words, but how come it always seems to be that we hear concepts far more often then see them lived. The absurd notion only has power when it has followers. What ideology can stand against the assault of humor?

In our current charged political spheres, people make lambastic claims and gross generalizations. All blanket statements are in error, as is this one, but they contain a kernel of truth…just enough to make the statement believable. What then can be the litmus test by which we discern? A broad knowledge base, reliance on logic, and a willingness to take nothing as absolute. At least that seems a good place to start.

“To hell with that!” you say? All right then, I’ll go to hell, if all you need is ignorance and confidence, my success there will be just as assured there as it was here on Earth. Rather, I would rather always act in love. Using my intellect to guide me to the greatest, best, or most logical “right” decision. This will be greeted with gratitude by most, hatred and envy by some, and hopefully cause the rest to think.

As I walk and run I am given “stink eye” by some, and kindness by many. I have nothing but compassion for their anger. It is aimed at me, but they don’t realize they are the vessel, which holds it’s toxic venom. The elixir of death slowly eats them up till even the taste of honey is bitter.

Anything can happen today. World peace can happen today. The only way it cannot is if I will it not to. Who amongst us has access to the past, or clairvoyance of the future? Today is a slate that will be shattered at days end.

Be careful about reading books. You may find that they might just free you from your ignorance. Be sloppy with your dress if you want to, but keep your facts nice and tidy.

I have never seen God, Jesus, a Minotaur, Buddha, the golden plates of Joseph Smith, Martians, or unicorns. They may exist, and more than likely did/do. But I see and experience love everyday.

Regarding love, no man is ignorant, but few are students.