My dear friend George has been so kind to me in so many ways. But the newest concoction he has brewed up is simply beyond normal kindness. George has gone through all 732 odd posts from the beginning, and re-read them all. Humbled by just that. But then he did something quite novel and to me a bit miraculous. He has linked all the posts to a map of the city where I was when I wrote the entry. It is a road map of an entirely different mindset. It is locating places about the country not by rivers, borders, limits, and boundary lines. It isn’t by roads, exits, or even McDonald’s or Starbucks, although those kinda do intersect with this. 🙂

Peace Artist’s 10K Pilgrimage

It truly is a map of where I camped, where I took pictures, where I did art, who I loved…and who loved on me. It is a picture of America yes, but it is a picture of America…the America that I met. And for the most part they have all been kind. Actually, very few have been unkind. I believe all people are good…but we aren’t always kind. WE get scared and angry. WE can be mean. But, we are ALL good, I truly believe it. I try to live it. What is the alternative? On purely a logical standpoint, I would rather go through life as an eternal optimist than a confirmed pessimist. What is nice is that I have the data to prove me right. My data is you.

Yes, George has been very kind to me, and I think to us all. Because he has made a living map of all the kind people I’ve met along the way. I happy to call them all my friends.