Carl said that he didn’t mind if I escaped the heat of the day in his convenience store. He immediately introduced me to his son Jamal, and asked if I could draw his portrait. I painted a flower for Carl’s wife as well.


Carl is the kind of shop owner that I love to be around. He enjoys his job, makes everyone feel welcomed, and doesn’t stress out over small stuff. A little boy came in, and spent 20 minutes figuring out how he could get the most candy for his $1.63. Unfortunately, his math wasn’t that good. Carl didn’t make a big thing of it, and let him have the candy he wanted. Carl knows with all the pennies left by others, it always works out, and by allowing the boy a pass, he has earned a future customer for life. That boy will always remember when Carl was nice to him.


I was running down the road, and this BBQ party asked me to drop in for a beer and dinner. I shared some home grown tomatoes and great conversations with these nice people. Matt shared with me his concerns over the imminent birth of his first son. The doctors prognosis is weighing heavily upon his heart. He was told yesterday, that at most if his son survives birth at all, he will live for at most 5 minutes. Matt’s eyes swollen with tears said, “All I wanna do is hold my little boy. I believe in the power of prayer and God’s will. I told God, if my boy dies…I won’t be mad at him.”


Vonda said, “I’m proud of you.” That isn’t a comment I hear often from the people I meet, but it was very kind of her to say. She insisted that she would buy me breakfast. Very kind. Vonda and her husband have both been in the military and in Afghanistan and Iraq. Vonda has also worked as a police officer. She said she has never really struggled with her faith and her occupations. I asked her about scriptures like turn the other cheek, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you. Her answer was that she has no qualms, if it comes down to another person and her…she is gonna take out the threat.


My friend Scaughdt said that when he was doing his pilgrimage that Huddle Houses were very kind to him, and allowed him to recoup his legs in their establishment. I’ve been wanting to try a HH out, and Vonda made that possible. Thank you again.


Amanda works at the HH, and she said that she liked sunflowers, and it was my pleasure to make one for her.


Liz, saw Amanda’s picture and asked me for some purple roses. Happy to oblige.


It has been a couple of great days of meeting many different kinds of people. But regardless of who I’ve met, people have been kind and wonderful.