It is sinking in. The run is over. All that I have known really for the last year. Running everyday almost. Walking just with my thoughts in the middle of nowhere. Camping out under the stars, with the animals, the smell of the grass, the sound of a river or the ocean shoreline lulling me to sleep.

I gave up a lot to go run. I give up a lot now to leave it.

It was time though. I had walked the road before me, but I can do more now. There are paths to be run. Ways to be loving. New and old ways to be kind.

Even as I have ended the run, peoples kindness to me hasn’t stopped.

  1. A good friend bought me the ticket back. It was just in his heart to do it.
  2. Another offered the same.
  3. Countless people have invited me to their home.
  4. A lot people texted kind words to me.
  5. Old friends that I didn’t even know were reading, wrote beautiful letters to me in the last two days telling me of what they are doing in their lives, and the appreciated reading.
  6. Another friend arranged for a new pair of shoes and some flip flops to rest my tired feet.
  7. Another friend paid for a celebratory dinner.
  8. Another friend got me a bag to carry my few clothes back.
  9. Another friend offered to pick me up at the airport.
  10. A wonderful young women who helped me with the shoes escorted me the art museum, and attempted to find a needy family who could use the stroller now.
  11. A wonderful man gave me some advice. “You can’t play ping-pong when you only have ping…you need pong.”
  12. A wonderful friend provided me three nights in a hotel while I was here.
  13. Another friend provided lunch for me today.
  14. The hotel manager drove me around town trying to deliver the cart.
  15. People have been kind all around.

I didn’t ask for any of this. This is just the kindness of people. This IS who we are as a people. WE are kind.

Let’s do more. Be peace in your world.