Drawing on Ebay

One year ago on 8-15-2011, at 8:15am the Peace Artist was born. Today, the Peace Artist is one year old. At that moment that I left Seattle, Washington with the intent to circumnavigate the continental United States…it was a leap of faith. I stepped out with no money, no food, and no real knowledge of how it was all going to work out. I did have one thing though, I had the earnest belief that all people are good. I believed that all people are really loving, and all people are genuinely good natured. I believed that any action done with compassion in mind would be supported by the universe.

I believed that the very fabric of the universe is love. I believed that although my actions to most seemed fool-hearty…it was possible. I believed that I could do something for peace. I believed that if I did what I was able, others would be encouraged and inspired to do what they could. I believed that if we all just practiced kindness, if we each just swept our own porch, the whole world would be clean. I believed that if I used the gifts, talents, and skills that I was born with and those bought with hard work and sweat for good, than the universe would do the rest.

I believed that the universe and nature would provide food for me. I believed that people without me ever asking would, because of their very nature, want to help me achieve my goal. I believed that I would be taken in by perfect strangers and given a shower, a warm bed, and a hot meal without ever asking for such things. I believed people were who they hoped they were.

I believed that my body would make it. I believed that shoes would be provided when I needed them. I believed that flat tires would be fixed, that sunscreen would last, and that water would be given freely. I believed that all people already know the way to peace, and they can actively choose it if they want to. I believed that we as a species are headed toward peace rather than away from it.

I believed that I would be able to love on people by drawing their portraits. I believed that I would witness and paint incredible and majestic landscapes. I believed that animals would be kind to me. I believed that love is everywhere. I believed that living a life based upon peace was not only do-able, but preferable. I believed that every moment was another chance to love on someone. I believed that this exact moment right now is all we have. I believed earnestly that there was nothing more important than being loving.

ONE year later…

Nothing has changed.

I was a pilgrim for peace. Many people erroneously have thought that I am just for peace as opposed to war. But, I am for peace in all things. Peace between nations yes, but peace amongst peoples, peace with nature, peace with animals, and often more difficult…peace with oneself. I have been a pilgrim for peace. Now, for lack of a better term, I am a monk for peace. A Sufi, a brother, cenobite, contemplative, mendicant, friar, abbot, prior, novice, oblate, postulant, lama, or marabout.

I am preparing to create a sanctuary of peace. Like most monks, I will grow my own food and do what I can for others. Doing work in the world for love, helping children, aiding those in need, providing shelter for those that have none. But like all monks, I must go to the sanctuary daily, my sanctuary is my studio. I go to paint. Like Fibonacci, Martin Luther, St. Francis, Fra Bartolommeo, and Fra Angelico there is work in science, writing, and art to be done.

Many things have changed since I started this journey one year ago, but one thing has not changed: AND THIS IS THE WAY OF THE PEACE ARTIST- IT ALL BEGINS WITH GRATITUDE: LOVE, HELP, MAKE ART & PEACE. 

Feel loved dear friends, for you are by me.