I have finally reached number 500. Five hundred pieces given away in love. Five hundred flowers, landscapes, puppies, old men, beautiful women, children, chairs, rivers, lakes, trees, and ocean paintings and drawings. 500 in one year. I couldn’t have done it without friends. My friend Winnie bought me paper and bought me paints. Winnie bought me brushes, pencils, and pastels. Winnie was very kind to me. How could I not follow her example and give to others in like stead?

Thanks Winnie. 500 other people thank you too.

I’ve been lucky to have had a studio in which to paint for the last couple of weeks. Quite nice really. Remembering how to paint with oils is like coming home to be welcomed by an old friend whose familiar fragrance and bright bonnet are reminders of times past. I am lucky to have been a part of it. A part of the gift of art.

The phrase I attempt to live by is about gratitude. My motives are to create beauty in all my encounters. Help, Love, Make Art & Peace. Make Art. That is really it for me. Move artistically, speak artistically, dance, paint, sing, and love artistically. Why not? Indeed, why not.

I am grateful I am still here. What else can I do but continue to paint.

Take my white rose
White rose, red
Love everlasting
Even when dead

Kiss my white rose
White rose, red
In which love flows
In what is said

Cry on my white rose
White rose, red
Always there to be with you
Always there to be with you sad

Love my white rose
White rose, red
So I may forever be with you
So I may forever dream with you
So I may forever love with you
All in the symbol

White rose….White rose stained red