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I find that what all artists need is to be alone. Perhaps even loneliness. If one wants to produce anything of substance as an artist, a solitary lifestyle will be the vehicle. I find that I appreciate the beauty in nature all the more when I find it alone. But it is the fore knowledge that I have seen it, documented it, and will show and convey it to others at a later date that is the most exhilarating.

The true painter will always paint for an audience, and for the eyes and minds of others.

An artist doesn’t paint, draw, or sculpt with his hands, but rather with his mind. It is what an artist sees in his mind and not with his eyes that is intoxicating.

Art is a way to run away from home without ever leaving the door.

Paintings are like good friends, that are constantly there for you, and they continue to inspire you to greatness. It isn’t what they represent that matters, but rather what they signify. The inward significance of all paintings is a voice crying out, “Hey, look! Think differently. Appreciate. Notice. Act. Love.”

The art of seeing something for what it truly IS is different than having optical sight. Vision is the act by which the artist makes visible that which hidden to others.

Art will allow you to get lost and be found at the exact same moment, it enables you to find out who you truly are, and gives you a vehicle by which to make it manifest.

“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.”