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I am the weakest person. I’ve been doing my most to demonstrate to people that love is the only solution. But, I can’t even follow it myself.

That does not mean I don’t believe it.

I do.

And yet it is such a great sadness to me that I often don’t live it.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I try to live it. And, I have gotten so much better at it. Thankfully, I don’t consciously wrong someone…in fact I can’t remember the last time when I consciously did someone wrong, or even wanted to do someone wrong.

There were times I did in years past. Who among us can say that they haven’t.

But there are two kinds of mistakes. Accidental—–and Purposeful.

If you and I were in a crowded line, and if by no one’s fault I stepped on your foot…….I accidentally hurt you. Or could it be that you put your foot under mine accidentally?

I assume it was an accident. I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Either way however, I have inadvertently “stepped on your foot”. Perhaps hurting you or not. I am a good person, just like you, I will apologize. You would too.

There however have been times, when we were frustrated, perhaps impatient, or angry. Times in our lives when we choose to see another’s foot as a target and not only did we step on it, we have tried to crush itttttttt!

I hope you get the analogy.

I’m not really talking about stepping on people’s feet.

But, we are all capable of doing it.

And yes, we have.

Perhaps, not in this exact way. But we all have at one time stared at two choices. Future choices. Premeditatedly illustrated, blueprints drawn, orchestrated to music, and with a sing along bouncing ball. We have each made a mad plan of some sort. At some time. With each new ring of hell we hoped to put our victim through, we plotted our revenge.

We have sought to give others the depth of pain that we unfortunately now know exists.

And sometimes we were just selfish.

Another way to hurt someone, it force their sympathy…because they are good people. We know we can work on their guilt. Sometimes we slide our foot under theirs, and feign pain in order to win their apology, their love, their commitment to us.

Why did you lie about the ice cream? The spilled milk? Or telling a lil’ole white lie? WE wanted to avoid the consequences.

We knew it was wrong, and we did it anyway. Right?

It is OK, we have all done it.

I am certainly not going to guilt you for it. I’ve done it myself perhaps more or less than you.

We learned how to hurt others. And, we became good at it.

Unfortunately, we know what it is to be on the other side too. We know what it is like to be the victim of another’s Machiavellian plan. We have heard Wagner playing in the background as someone showered us with napalm.

At one point or another, we discovered that WE could hurt others more than we could ever thought possible.

And, we have discovered as well, that WE could be hurt more than we ever thought possible.

We became intimately aware of what hurt “felt” like…from both angles.

We discovered the opposite of love.

Some of us are still trying to find bottom.

Learning what the opposite side of love looks like.

Some of us are digging from the bottom.

From this whole, come the

dirtiest, ugliest,






Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or any other group that has produced genocide. Oh, yes, the United States as well. INDIANS, HAWAIIANS, MEXICANS, —ANS, —ANS, —ANS. Lately, Afghans, Iranians, Iraqians. We have been digging for the bottom.

How bout we stop digging.

How about we go the other way, away from hate anger, violence, and consciously choosing self over selfless? How about we climb out of our pit, and go towards love.

Be Kind.


I can only speak for myself.

I try not to hurt anyone any more. After I realized that I have the power “to”, “or not to”. I began to think about things differently. Once I saw the correlation between being both the victim and the perpetrator. I had to ask myself…why?

“Why” do it anymore?

I do expect myself to be perfect. Why not? Why plan for failure? Why not literally “PLAN” for success. Plan for an alternate strategy.

If your plan includes loving others, it will be good. I guarantee it.

Why would the universe not help anything done for the good for others? Love for others. Compassion for others? I mean if that “is” the will of “God”? If “God” is love, why would “He, or she, or it, or them” not help it to succeed? Even an atheist would agree. We wouldn’t have evolved this far with out the notions of empathy and compassion. Who would go through child birth were it not for empathy?

Why not be kind?

Why Not?

Why Not? Be Kind.

I’m sure there are many people that could tell me why not. I will guarantee you again, they are hanging on to being bitterness.

How is THAT game plan going so far? How is it working out?

Because we have always known war, does that mean we will never know peace? Really, show me the math that.

I’ll show you my math.


I am the one in infinity. I thought, believe, and have lived peace for at least one day. I can live one more. So can you.

1/∞ = 1

Because when you take all that is in infinity, that is one. I have imagined and better yet, I have lived peace (so have you). Therefore, it exists.

Quantum Physics succinctly put, is the science of possibilities. You could even say that we influence our reality by our intention. There are millions of possibilities for any instant. Which will you choose?

I choose to say there is gonna be peace.

In fact it is already here.

I it.

I am it.

You are it.

We ARE peace.

WE are all peace, when we choose to be. So choose peace more often if you want it.

If that is your intention? It is mine.

But, like I said, I sometimes screw up…accidentally. Hopefully never again purposefully. Sin, in Greek means to miss the mark. What an appropriate concept of kindness. As an archer draws back his/her bow, a target is thought of. What better target than love, kindness, compassion, or art.

Even if you are an the most incompetent shot, at least you had good intentions…rather than selfish ones. At least you acknowledged there is a target. At least you were facing the right direction. At least you were willing to admit it exists.

Like archery, your aim will improve with practice.

Choose peace as your reality, and I promise things are better.

“Now go to your corners and come out talking.” – David Nance