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Miyagi: “No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher.”

If you come from Wisconsin, your favorite football team is NOT the Miami Dolphins. If you were raised in a Republican household, and you respect your parents…you probably are a Republican. If you think your parents are ideologically bankrupt and logic escapes them you are probably a democrat, and vice a versa. Either way, you cheer on the team. They even have mascots. Go Elephants! Go Donkeys! The Olympics and Politics. Both Greek institutions. Do you think it is by accident that the Summer Olympics and the Presidential race happen within months of each other?


No matter who wins…you my friend are likely to loose.

Politics in America have become a game. American politicians now play politics like Spain plays soccer; yes they are good, but they fake so many trips, hits, and injuries…no one believes them anymore. The endless parade of money, commercials, and slanted “news” commentary are a down payment on control. It is a bit of a sickness really. When people are more willing to rent a U-Haul truck for $19.99 and pay a dollar to per mile to throw tar at a candidate driving all over town to prove how ‘green’ they are. All the while I wonder how many PB&J sandwiches could’ve been bought for the same price to feed the poor?

At the end of the day all political question boil down to one simple premise? “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Should I take care of you? Should you look after the needs of others?

Is it my responsibility to provide an education for all children? Open libraries, improve roads, build fire stations, plant trees, clean the rivers, cure the sick, house the homeless, and shelter the dying? Much has been said to decry the “socialist” institutions, but I wonder have we not all benefited from our socialist state? Have I not driven on a road paved by you, been aided by a fireman, policeman, librarian, teacher, and engineer by you? Have I not attend school on your dime, taken pell grants for college paid for by you, drunk clean water because of the EPA because of you, visited a park left green by you, and been able to visit grandma at Christmas via a freeway because of you.

Some claim there is no such thing as global climate change/warming. But I ask you what would it hurt to drive less? What would it hurt to clean the air, the rivers, and the oceans? What would it hurt to plant more trees and create more parks. What could it hurt to have all cars be electric, to have solar panels on every roof, and build buildings to maximize natural light? What would it hurt to stop eating meat?

Only my pride. My sense of entitlement. My flawed notion of freedom and independence from every other thing on this planet.

Many have claimed that government needs to be run like a business. Many have applauded this notion. But I ask you, when has the love of money ever profited everyone? Yes, many have lined their coffins with gold, but in the end who did the greatest good. Princess Diana and Mother Teresa died the same week, but only one got a song from Elton John. Who do you think deserved it more?

When has big business made planet as a whole happier? Slavery was good business. Strip mining brings in the cash. Polluting “creates jobs”. Deforestation is profitable. Do you really want to sell your soul and every living child’s future to the company store?

And yet the love of my neighbor profits us all. And who is my neighbor? Everything. Everyone. Even my enemy.

Truly, all students are good. Lessons are never wasted. But what exactly are we teaching? What are we showing the rest of the world? Generations to come will learn from us…but will we be embarrassed by the lesson? Will it be too late to undo the damage our hubris has caused?