Canned Good on Ebay

Everyday on several corners around town, there are homeless people with signs asking for donations. You might have them in your town as well. I always bring an apple or some other fruit with me that I offer to them. Often their sign reads, “Homeless, hungry, need money to buy food. Anything helps.” So I give them what I have. And sometimes they refuse.

As you know, I don’t have much, but what I have I give. All the money I have or will earn is being saved to buy a piece of land for people just like them. Sometimes they don’t want what I have to offer. Having lived “on the streets” myself, I know it is pretty impossible to starve. I never asked for anything but water, and in an entire year, I never missed a meal. People are good. People are kind.

Everyday when I ride home, I pass the Eugene Mission. It was established in the 70’s and it has been serving, I mean really serving, homeless men and women all that time. Everyday, someone washes the dishes, someone secures the money to buy food, cooks it, someone launders the sheets, and everyday, someone tries to love on those who haven’t felt loved.

I’ve been collecting food to distribute to the poor and homeless for the last two weeks. My friend Candy heard of what I was doing, and urgently asked me to take a couple of bags of food that she had. My mom wanted to go with me to deliver some of it.

There are many who would say, “They really just want money to buy alcohol or drugs.” Or, “They really aren’t homeless, but sit there and make a lot of money!” “They are lazy! Get a job!” To this I say, “Yes, you are right.” You are absolutely right. I’ve met all of the above. But, I ask you a couple of questions in return:

1. Does that make giving love, food, or a warm bed to stay in not a worthwhile endeavor?

2. For everyone who is out to take advantage of your generosity, is there not even one, not one who genuinely needs you and the help you can provide?

3. Even if I gave a dollar to the person who would use it for an addiction, is the act of love on my part tarnished? Or should I use it as a justification not to love?

The problems are so large, what can anyone of us do to solve them? Very little to be frank. But, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. You do what you can do. Do that which is easy for you, and what you can feel good about. I’ll do what I can do. Together we can love the world. Be the love. Be Kind.