I just held tryouts for my new boys team last night, and I was reminded of a boy that wasn’t so sure about gymnastics years ago. He didn’t like getting pushed down in his splits…who does? He almost quit, but he decided not to. He has gone on to become one of the top male gymnasts in the state, region, and country since then. He was courageous against his demons and his giants. No wonder, his name is David.

I extracted everything I could from this little boy, as I do every kid. I lovingly do my best to take them to the breaking point, and care for them when their fears get the best of them. It seems we all like to play it safe, but to walk that line…that is something else. We are all lazy. But, if motivated enough, we can accomplish anything.

I asked David once, “Who do you want to be. Do you want to be the guy who does, or the guy who doesn’t?” David answered, “Does”.

What is better, is he did. May we all be like David.