Twin Roses on Ebay

My pilgrimage was an attempt to put the axioms and suggestions of the avatars, gurus, and wise people to that test. It was my attempt to see for myself if what they said was true of full of malarky. These experiences have lead me to believe that all people are good. I believe that we all don’t make good choices all the time. But for me, enlightenment is the point where you realize that you have a choice. You always have a choice. That is the point. Choose your destiny.

By applying the scientific method to the problem, I have satisfied to my own level of appeasement that any act done with the intention to love others will be met with help from the universe. However, I realize that not everyone else is so convinced.

I therefore will do my best to meet, interview, and demonstrate through the accumulation of data of other people’s lives (if one can do such a thing) a sort of a proof if you will. A proof that all people are, in their heart of hearts, good.

In order to do this, I need to speak less, and report more.

We have all been sold a worthless bill of goods. We have been told by our religions, our parents, our schools, our media, and our society that the human condition is inherently bad…not good. We have been told that “some” are good, and some are “bad”. Some will go to heaven, and others go to hell. What then is the criteria for these categories? How does one join the ranks of one or the other? If you are like me, you have tried to be both. How bad can I really be? How good can I really be?

While trying to be bad, if found I did good. While trying to be kind, I sometimes act unkindly. What am I then good or bad?

I am neither. I am merely the one choosing.

In the following weeks I will attempt to bring you stories of people choosing kindness. Are they perfect? No, but we only have this moment. We only have the choice that is before us.  There is only one moment, this moment. This moment is made fullest when it is used to love.