We hear on the T.V. constantly all the bad things that people are doing to each other, why? Because it sells. Our brains are wired to place our fear in front of any other bodily or brain function. Obviously this is a good thing. It allowed our species to evolve. But, people in the media have latched onto this and have been using it to make money…and whip people into a frenzy on any issue. Evidence, the presidential debates.

Scientists can reliably produce fear in the lab through a process known as fear conditioning. Conditioning has provided researchers with an important tool for tracing fear in the brain.

You might associate the term “conditioning” with Ivan Pavlov’s famous salivating dogs experiment. Like Pavlov’s experiments, fear conditioning involves the repeated pairing of a stimulus and its automatic response with a second stimulus.

Pavlov noted that dogs naturally salivate in preparation for a feeding. Pavlov showed that the dogs had come to associate the sound of the bell with food. They salivated as soon as they heard the bell ringing.

The difference in fear conditioning is that the association is negative – a researcher can make a subject respond fearfully to a normally neutral stimulus. For example, people are born with a fear of loud noises. If a researcher plays a loud noise while flashing a light, her subjects will quickly come to pair the flash with the negative experience of the loud noise, praying our natural experience of thunder and lightning. Later, the subjects will demonstrate measurable fear of a flash of light, even without the loud noise.

Such associations are reversible through a process called extinction. For example, if the same subjects are shown soothing images while the lights flash, they can eventually dissociate the flashes from the negative experience of the loud noises.

This is being done in the media all the time. Show a picture of Obama or Romney, say the words Nazi, Socialist, Terrorist or some other “bad” term, and you can begin to coax the people, just like dogs, into a rabid pack of animals ready to go for the throat. This is how police dogs are trained. They are made to believe that there are “Bad” people out there. Without questioning, the handler says go, and the dog attacks. The dog never questions. It assumes it’s handlers are always correct, and seeking the greatest good.

Are we any different? How many people “trust” their news. Some even use as their tag lines, “The Most Trusted Source For News” or “Fair And Un-Baised”.

WE are made to cry by Susan Boyle, laugh when they use laugh tracks, and hate when they show a muslim. It is all part of a plan. Payed for by those who have an agenda. Ask yourself who pay for it, and who owns it.

I consider myself to some extent to be a reporter of good news. One of my favorite websites does just that, that send out a daily dose of good stuff. They do the opposite of the norm, because they believe the opposite. The Daily Good is a website that leverages the internet to promote positive and uplifting news around the world to more than 100,000 subscribers through the daily and weekly newsletters. Readers receive a news story, an inspiring quote, and a suggested action that each person can take to make a difference in their own lives and the world around them.

I’ve been reading the Daily Good for awhile, but recently they honored me by writing a story about my pilgrimage. You can find their website here: