Crimson Flower on Ebay

It’s a nice when you feel like you hit one out of the park. When you go through a dry spell for awhile in art, it makes you question your tools, your vision, and your abilities. Then the universe is kind and lobs you an easy pitch, and if you are paying attention, you get to hammer it into the upper bleachers.

Going, going, gone.

It seems being an artist is a bit like being a baby. Everything is new, everything is a discovery. Discover it, learn it, understand it. Attack all things as a child, be naive, be amazed at the small things. Whenever you seem to think sad, depressed, frustrated, failing thoughts…look to nature.

WE, mankind will sometimes fall short of our goals. We may fail…but history has proven when push comes to shove WE will do the right thing—as a species, we always have.

Look to nature for comfort and repair. Nature will never let yo udown, and will always give you inspirations, repair, and rest. When the “Grand” of nature is not available look to the minute. When in high school, I received a biology assignment for extra credit. I was the only one in my class who did it, and afterward, I felt that everyone missed out on one of the greatest experiments of life. My assignment was to stare at a 1 foot by 1 foot piece of grass for an hour; to see all that lives there. The bugs, the worms, the different grasses, ants, mushrooms, the earthworm castings, the scaly things and the gross things. The assignment was to do an hour…I did three. Try it, you will be amazed.

A universe of discovery awaits in the grass. Appreciate it, notice it, be humble before it, and heed its lessons. A happy life is not being blind to it. Beauty is all around us.

Thinking of the bee, all day long he knows three things, beauty, flowers, and aroma—their scent brings refreshment. Nectar. The result is honey. Can you wish for anything more than this in life? And yet, the bee must work, never a moment at rest, never a time to reflect upon one’s labors and one’s beauty. However, it will give it’s life in an instant to defend the sweet honey.

Work hard seeking the flowers of life. Smell the roses. Look for beauty in every situation. Refreshment awaits, and you will produce honey. Even if you don’t hit one over the fence every time, you still end up somewhere in the grass, and if you have the right mindset…that is paradise too.