Ending the pilgrimage, moving to a new town and state, starting a new job, learning to sleep indoors, figuring out how to help those around me, feed the homeless, bike to work, eat local, run a little, see family, see friends, paint, sell on Ebay, write, coach, and learn how to be Peace in the world has taken the better part of my attention for the last two months. It will all work out though. It already has.

My friend Watt commented the other day that running around with me on the pilgrimage let him see that there is really nothing to worry about. This is true in my experience, and thankfully his as well. If you have no agenda other than doing the best you can to love on others…it seems to always just “work out”. “Who by worrying can add a single day to their life?”

Interestingly enough, it seems to always work out in the ways that you never “expect” but upon careful reflection—it seems always in the most brilliantly perfect way possible. Funny no?

But, with all this change I’ve let a lot of things slip. Several of those things are paintings that I’ve promised to do for people. I owe many to many. Not really owe, but I have given my word that I would. I owe a lady who asked for a painting in a Mississippi post office. Haven’t done it yet. The guys I met in the desert in AZ way back…havent’ done their drawings either. A friend asked for a humming bird in memory of their mother. Dogs, girlfriends, flowers, and lots of kid’s portraits are still owed to people.

My buddy Jed asked for a Stargazer Lily for a friend. I had forgotten his request. Jed has been such a real friend to me, so now that I have started to “catch up”, I began with his request first. That is the least I could do for all his friendship has been and meant to me. The shoes he bought me lasted from Texas to Georgia.

As for the rest of you to whom I owe a piece…please remind me, and I will get them to you post haste. Much love to you all. And, thank you for the sincere compliment of wanting a “Peace” in the first place. As always, if you want to buy one off Ebay too, all the money goes to help someone—or occasionally buy more paper. 🙂