Shahana and Shirin are two women that want to make the world better. They believe that every human has love at his or her core and a limitless potential to be creative. And that that’s the very reason we’re here – to create with love – our lives and our world!

They also believe that we are here to share stories of courage, creativity and change with universal value, ones that bridge, blur and transcend boundaries, in the desire to shape an integrated, harmonious, illuminated and loving world. How do they propose to do this?

They founded Flying Chickadee Creations in which they catalyze, support, create, produce and distribute stories of courage, creativity and change. They publish a monthly “zine” called: Courageous Creativity, as well as publish books, and host Creativity Workshops.

These two wonderful women invited me to add my thoughts and artwork under the theme of “Creativity in Conflict”. As such, I told them about the Buddhist monks in New Mexico, David’s fight for the California Condor, and other stories that weren’t able to make it into the magazine.

I encourage you to check out their site where you can preview and read the zine for free: Zine

If you find that what they are doing speaks to you, and you would like to purchase a subscription and help them with their fine work, you can contact them at:

They do have a Facebook page as well: Facebook