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WE all are hypocrites. I am. When I was younger I watched people chain themselves to old growth trees to save the spotted owl. They slept at night in their down sleeping bags, and used toilet paper to wipe their…you know what’s.

I’ve seen animal cruelty protesters march around schools in Birkenstocks, because the students dissect frogs. (If you don’t know Birkenstocks are made of leather). I’ve heard people talk of how the internet causes greenhouse gasses, and dams on rivers that prevent salmon spawning, but buying music on itunes keeps tons of plastic waste out of landfills, and emails help restrain paper use.

The single edition of a small niche book written about how to be “green and environmentally conscious” causes 45 mature trees to be cut, 2,848 lbs. of solid waste, 26,878 gallons of water to be used, 6,253 lbs. of air emissions, and 6,517 cubit feet of natural gas.

I sell painting on EBay to feed the poor, but the postman still has to drive to deliver it. I ride a bike to work everyday so as not to drive, but my bike came from California, was made in China, and has plastic made from the oil of Saudi Arabia. The Peace Pilgrim still went through shoes with plastic bottoms.It seems that the only way not to hurt something is to live naked in a cave.

How can one win?

I don’t know. But it seems that intention is important. There is something we all can do to help. As my grandmother use to say, “Just do the best thing you can…and that ought to be pretty close. We all know the difference between trying and being lazy. When you learn of a better way…do that.”

Walk or bike. Carpool. Reduce flight travel. Work at home. Use the stairs. Increase your homes energy efficiency. Use solar. Use renewable energy. Air dry clothes.Use appliances less. Buy local food. Grow your own. Eat vegetarian. Use the library. Reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle.

Love your neighbor and the planet. They are the only ones we have.