A friend asked me how do I feel with all that is going on in the world. I had to think about that, how did I “feel”? Because the world is a mess. Sometimes we are a mess too. I am a mess, and you probably think you are a mess too sometimes.


These emotions are the yin and yang of all choices. Choose self or other. Choices always stand to-gether. Joined if you will as these are inextricably linked.

Sometimes we choose war. WE choose evil.

WE also choose good.

I believe if any man, woman, or child added up all the good that each of us has done—compared to the bad…good would always win. WE are good. Otherwise, we would not have survived. If our compassion did not and cannot out weigh our hate. If WE do not choose to save a child vs. garnering power, we haven’t woken up. WE may have not hurt a child like Newtown, but we are guilty of at some point not being kind to another human being which, is just a growing child.

I can’t look Israel, Palestine, Darfur, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Newton, Clackamas Columbine, or Thurston, Oregon. I cannot hold contempt for another’s actions when I have failed to love my own neighbor in my own city.

Ultimately, we must each, and everyone of us must ask ourself…who do I want to be? The fundamental question. Who do I want to be? Do I wanna be………that guy. The loving person or the not nice. Kind or not kind…and careless.

I exhort myself. “Be the friend you wish you had”. “Don’t be lazy”. “Go the extra effort”. “Be the love in a situation where if not it will end in war”. “Be the peace”. And yet I fail…kind of depressing really. But, discouragement is the worse than the crimes that spawned it, for when you become discouraged, you become ineffective for change.


I need to be the peace more. WE can all be PEACE…………………….why not?