Sammy is 6. Sammy makes sure when he brings cookies for the class that everyone only gets one…even the coach. 🙂 But Sammy thinks of others who may not have a coach, or perhaps don’t have a team.

He has seen his coach bring goodies for everyone—so he thought he would do the same. “Why not spread the love” you can almost hear him think. “Coach loves me and my teammates and he brings me cookies.” “I love coach and my teammates,” and Sammy like all gymnastics monkeys, repeat what they see. They repeat what feels good. It feels good to give.

But, there is much to be learned from good monkeys. Sammy taught me. Sammy brought a big bag of cookies to me, “Here you go coach,” he said sharply pronouncing his consonants and vowels with a bit of lisp. “These are for the homeless,” he added and smiled.


This 6 year old gets it. How come I forget it sometimes? Why do we all take the other road? Why do we all sometimes fail to love others?

Sammy gave me a big hug. I said, “Thanks buddy, that is the first hug I’ve had today.” So Sammy started giving me more and more 2, 3, 4, 5……….One must become as a child to truly know the kingdom of love, peace, acceptance, patience, and kindness. If there is a god, that is where he lives. Why then do we not do “on Earth as it is in Heaven”?

I delivered Sammy’s cookies on Christmas Eve. It was cold, and a man was standing on the street corner with a sign. The grass was worn and bare from where he had been standing. The spot was well used. I offered Sammy’s love, and he plunged his gloved hand into Sammy’s bag. Greater than the joy of giving is the joy of being the receiver of the love and example of a little boy.