It seems that sometimes there is too much talk…too little action. WE have our mouths open and our hearts shut. There is no wrong way to be kind. No wrong way to love. Pick a way…do that. Do the best you can. The writing on the mirror, and poetically “on the wall” is Be Kind.


I make cookies for homeless people, that is what I can do. Others do what they can.


This guy said he was on the “FBI’s most wanted list”. Doubtful, but none the less, I suggested that I take his picture with his teeth out, so he couldn’t be recognized. His removable teeth didn’t keep him from mowing down on the homemade pasta dinner I made for he and his 10 friends.


My hands were cold as I gave out the meal, one of the homeless men named “Hippy Dave” saw me shivering. He came to me and said, “A woman gave me this scarf today from her car window. It is wool and from the GAP, use it to keep warm.” I tell you this, this man gave more than most, because he gave from his poverty. It was 27 degrees out, and I was going home to a warm house, but Hippy was going to sleep out. Hippy’s gift warmed both our hearts.


Dylan read of me feeding the homeless. He came to practice with a bag of bagels. I found this guy sitting by a sign that read, “Homeless Veteran who has fallen on some VERY HARD times. Hungry and poor and appreciate anything given with love.” When then man stood to go to the restroom, I placed the bagels by his sign and then retreated. When he returned, I could see his delight and surprise as he hungrily began devouring a bagel.


Erica works in a toy store in Portland. She had the idea to find out what kind of toys the kids at the Children’s Hospital and Doernbecker’s Children Hospital wanted for christmas. She put small and big toys on the list near near the cash register, and asked if people wanted to buy one for these children when they were purchasing there own. As of December 22, she had collected 7 boxes of toys. Just one women trying to love on others…what an impact.


Tim is new to the street. He found out that I was an artist, and he said, “Hey can you paint a picture form my little girl. I don’t have any money for a gift for her this year. Can you sign it to Kadence, from Dad? Her favorite thing is dragonflies.”


Reverend Michael Paul Weed believes that love is the only thing that matters. He comes and hangs out with those living on the street and does what he can for them. He studies at the local university and every braves the cold to see if everyone is OK, and loves and talks to those in need.