Magnolia 3

Magnolia on EBay

People have been very kind. Many people have contributed. Many people have sought to make peace a way of living. Many have sought to make kindness the guiding principle of one’s actions. Many have sought to be the love.


A friend of mine knit a scarf, socks, and a beanie for a homeless person who sleeps cold in the night. She also gave me some groceries to make someone a meal.


With it I was able to make this loaf of love.


And this one as well.


And this one too.


In addition, a friend gave me a whole box of food to distribute to those in need.


Last but not least, because of the kindness of all those who have purchased paintings from via Ebay, I have been able to sponsor my first kid to do gymnastics. Without revealing too much, this boy comes from a broken home and has been in foster care for most of his youth. He is a sweet boy and very talented, however the state funds for youths in institutionalized care don’t include extra curricular events such as gymnastics.

When I was a kid and I got frustrated, I turned to gymnastics as an outlet for my frustration, angst, and feelings of powerlessness. I may not have been able to control what was going on in my life, but I could control how I moved, how I flipped in the air, and how I trained my body. Thank you to all the many countless people who purchased works of art from me, and by doing so have enabled me to help this young man have the same outlet that I did. I truly cannot thank you enough. Much love for you all.

It really is amazing. When you move trying to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people, the universe will help you. Why wouldn’t it? If the nature of the universe is love, why wouldn’t it help you live it?