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Last February, I found myself in New Mexico, I had crossed the continental divide, and was on my way back to Texas. I had spoken to a friend regarding the rides I had been offered. I had already travelled nearly 3000 miles, and had kindly turned down the rides I’d been offered.

It occurred to me however that people were attempting to be kind to me, compassionate to me. Who was I to refuse their kindness? Who was I to tell them that the way that they chose to love on me was not my accepted form. So I told my friend, the next ride I am offered, I am going to take it.

The very next day a kind man pulled over and asked me, “Do you need a ride?”

“No, I don’t need a ride, but I’ll take one if you are offering,” I replied. At this he chuckled, and I climbed in. As we spoke I came to discover that he was in need of a kidney transplant. I also discovered that we had the same type of blood, not that that really means anything, but it might help. I told this perfect stranger, that I would help him. Why would I not? It was the loving thing to do.

I called up the transplant center and found out the information. There are A LOT of hoops to jump through obviously, but the biggest hurdle was that I was running. I didn’t have an address to get a self test kit to give a blood sample. One thing has led to another, I helped in SF, then back on the road, then the pilgrimage ended, new job, boys, and competition season was upon us.

One year later…and the question still remains. If I can do something loving, why wouldn’t I? I have one kidney to give, should I give it to this man, a complete stranger? Someone younger? Someone in better shape? Someone in worse circumstances? What if I sign up and I am not a donor for him, but they ask me for someone else? What would I say? What would you say?

It all begins with gratitude. But what about middles? The path of a pilgrim is easy, you place one foot in front of the other. Eventually you get somewhere either spiritually or physically.

Someone thought that they were funny when they wrote: “The first rule of Zen is start, the second is don’t stop.” I have found that in walking my own path, that even when you are stumbling…you are still moving forward.

The central thought to my day is: Be Kind. But how far does that extend? What is the best way to love one’s neighbor? I have two eyes, two kidneys, two lungs, a liver that can be cut, blood, marrow, and sperm that can all be donated to love another. Would one be insane to donate all? Or insane not to? If all people are good, all people are brothers and sisters, all people are worthy of love…why wouldn’t you do for them what you can?

All life is suffering. If I see a mother tiger starving who cannot feed her cubs, do I feed her my arm, my leg, and then my self? Is it the more compassionate thing to love the one tiger, or allow her to die but care for and love her cubs, or to open a sanctuary for all starving cats?