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“After they had lunch, a mother and son decided to walk a trendy neighborhood in San Francisco. She and her 9 year-old son passed a homeless man. The man looked at the couple and asked, “Can you help a homeless man get some food?”


“Mom, can I have my money” the boy named Justin asked his mother.  Justin had $8 dollars left from the $20 he had received for allowance. Like any child with the money burning a hole in is pocket, he purchased a $12 toy, but had money left.


His mother gave him the $8 he had left to her safe keeping. He studied the bills in his hand. He looked at the three $1 bills, and then again at the $5 bill…then with conviction he gave them ALL to the man. At this selfless gesture a visible change came over the man, and his demeanor changed. He knew it meant something to this little boy. Keeping the money would be one thing, giving some would be another, but to give all one has to a begging homeless man??? The magnanimity of the deed was recognized by the man. He saw the enormity of the boy’s gift, and his face transformed from sad and down to happy and smiling.


The man’s turned and fully took in the boy’s small features and said “Young man, you are so kind and you will do great things!”


As they walked away, Justin turned to his mother somewhat surprised by the emotions that engulfed him. He said, “Mom, I feel REALLY HAPPY!”


The man called back after them saying, “I’m going to go inside the store now and get some macaroni and cheese!” And he did. The mother was amazed, macaroni and cheese is Justin’s favorite as well. It seems we are all children at heart. This man was somebodies little boy…a little boy that loved mac & cheese too. As the mother pulled her car from the curb and drove away, they spied the homeless man bent over the meal that the boy had provided, smiling while eating his hot treasure.


The mother’s heart beat with pride at her progeny. He had given ALL of his money to this man…and just after he did, another kid gave the man some money as well. Apparently, all kids can see the real humans behind the tattered clothes. Apparently they see beyond all the reasons we people use as an excuse not to help, not to love, and not to care. It seems it takes a child to lead. Perhaps it is true, one must become as a child to truly find paradise.