Apple Blossoms

“What’s a Doula?” I asked. “Are you referring to the Medulla oblongata?” The person answering looked at me confused. She, Bess, is a Doula. A woman who helps usher babies into the world. Different than a mid wife, a Doula is a sort of labor coach, an assistant who provides support for a woman in labor by encouraging her…especially for those with whom need some extra help. Those who fear that they may not be able to do it—give birth that is.

Bess reminds them. Reminds them that they aren’t alone, and reminds them what amazing beings ‘women’ are. She reminds them that women get through it. Women have always gotten through it. Bess reminds them that it will be OK.

Bess isn’t slow to draw the analogy either that women always seem to get through everything in life…they rise above. Women make Herstory. They have survived every atrocity conceived by man throughout the ages. The bloodshed, the abuse, the rapes, the horror…women got through it all. What amazing creatures.

Bess said some women pass through the birth process without engaging it. They sometimes miss the grandeur of it. But, occasionally an enlightened one is conscious of it. Conscious of the entire process from the beginning. From the moment of conception to birth, some are conscious of the entire process. She says that, to be a part of that…it is magic.


This thought made me think. What about the primordial Eve? What about the first woman. Whether you believe in creation or evolution, there had to be one woman in our transition from apes to homo sapiens that was the first person to be self aware. Obviously we see birth different than it seems a horse or dog does. At some point we became self aware, our first step toward enlightenment. That first woman may not have been so sure that birth wouldn’t kill her.

Bess said, that the average woman registers childbirth at an 8 out of 10 in pain. “It is painful no doubt, but they believe they could take more…it isn’t as bad as it could be,” she continued. “How amazing are women, that they could be nearly ripped in two, and they say, ‘Yeah, it wasn’t a 10′”? Lucky these women have someone like Bess there to help remind them, remind them just how amazing they are. Remind them that there is a baby waiting just on the other side of this pain. Everyone needs a Bess in their life. Not just for childbirth, but everyday.

You are amazing. You can get through it. It might be bad going now, but it is only an 8 out of 10. Love is the reason to get through it. Love is the other side. Thanks Bess.