Flowers #1 Small

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I’ve decided to begin my haystacks. “Haystacks” is the title of a series of impressionist paintings by Claude Monet. The primary subjects of all of the paintings in the series are stacks of hay in the field after the harvest season. The title refers primarily to a twenty-five canvas series begun in the end of summer of 1890 and continued through the following spring, using that year’s harvest. The series is known for its thematic use of repetition to show differences inperception of light across various times of day, seasons, and types of weather. The series is among Monet’s most notable works.

I’ve been numbering my “peaces” since I started on this adventure, and I am up to #631. Like a comic book, the peaces value is greater if it is a #1, #2, or #100. The regular peaces will continue, but these will be part of a smaller series that will attempt to paint the flowers I encounter daily for an entire year. As the seasons change, so do the flowers. I will attempt to keep up.

It seems weird that I have gone through years of my life before without ever noticing the flowers, it is as if my mind wasn’t open to seeing the beauty in every minute. Stopping to smell them is just not good enough, their beauty is worth recording. Beauty is all around us. I choose to see it.

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Flowers #2 Small