Hippy Dave 2

I have found in trying to love all people, that there are those who do not want to be loved by me. There are those who do not want to be loved by me because the way that I love, or perhaps my methodology and personality stands in the way. I have habits, quirks, and a personality that perhaps not all people will like. I have had to accept that. The Dalai Lama would like to embrace China with love, but China doesn’t want his love. (On a whole different subject what the hell does China want with Tibet anyway??? It could be only one thing…water)

Hippy Dave

I have some Chinas in my life. People I want to love, befriend, and be at peace with. But that is not the status at this point and time. I’m extremely bummed about this. I realize that I am not perfect, nor am I free from flaws in judgement and action. But, I always come back to intent. What was my intent? If that was good…then I must move on.

Move on to love those who are willing to receive it. Several months ago, my friend Silvia gave me some money to help the homeless. I think she assumed I would use it to cook or bake with, but she gave me no instructions. How lovely that she just trusted me implicitly. The $50 dollar bill she gave me sat on the counter for the last 3 months while I tried to figure out the best use for it.

Several months ago, a homeless man known as Hippy Dave asked me for some help. I always ask the people if I can help them. Sometimes people say fruit, dog food, or some other need. I do the best I can. Dave asked me for a sleeping bag. I hadn’t seen him in a while, and so wasn’t able to coordinate, but last night I was able to deliver to him a new warm sleeping back courtesy of Silvia.

5 lb. Sleeping Bag
5 lb. Sleeping Bag
Cascade Outdoor Gear
  • Comfort zone of 10-20 degrees
  • Heavy brushed cotton twill outer
  • Soft cotton flannel liner
  • Full length self-repairing zipper
  • 2 straps for easy roll-up
  • Machine washable
  • Made in U.S.A.
 SKU: 627249

In addition, I brought warm red lentil soup with fresh basil leaf, and rosemary bread. The group of men nearly licked the bowls clean, and were grateful for the gifts. My heart was lightened, and I had more peace. It seems that to try to love those who do not want to be loved is a fools work. It usually just pisses them off. Sometimes the best way to love one, is to love all others. I think that is what the Dalai Lama is doing…I’ll keep trying it too.