Flowers #3

Roy is a poet. He is rather bashful about reciting his poetry, but he just finished publishing his 7th book of collected poems. Roy and Pam have reached that age where the silver starts to creep through. They are from an era where neighbors helped each other. As such, when a weary runner passed their house, they waved hello. When that runner asked them for some tape to mask the hole his shoe was wearing into his heal…they did not hesitate, but offered him some duct tape.

Small really. Quite small was their aid. But none the less, it was love for their fellow man.

When the same runner found himself knee deep in poison oak, he ran to a house and asked to use their hose. The kind woman not only made sure he had warm water, but even gave him her own bottle of anti-poison oak washing liquid (who knew there was such a thing?), and asked for nothing in return despite his pleading.

Small really. Quite small was her aid. But none the less, it was love for her fellow man.

When I ran around the US, I asked for nothing except water. I ran until given shelter and fasted till given food, I did not ask. Despite this, I did not miss a meal. But, when I did ask a friend for a jar of peanut butter, the answer was but of course. When I asked a man for a ride to town because my tire blew up, he gave it. When I asked a woman for directions, she gave them without a thought.

How will people know you? What are you known for? How wonderful indeed if people know you by your love for your neighbor.