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“It’s HOT!!!” “It’s Africa hot. Tarzan couldn’t even stand this kind of hot. It’s damn hot!!!”

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Dan’s black leather jacket and black helmet were too much to much to wear when it was this hot. As such the shade on campus was delightful. The pretty girls in bikinis sprawled upon the lawn were an added plus as well.

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Dan and I were perfect strangers. But, there is kind of a cathartic release when two people, who know nothing of the other share an intimate conversation. A conversation about decisions.

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Often in life we are torn about what “To Do”. For me, asking myself what is the most compassionate thing one can do usually leads to clarity. But sometimes, I am caught. Torn between two compassionate alternatives…which does one choose?

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The ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer is now at the de Young Museum, a fine arts museum in San Francisco. Dan and I talked about Vermeer. He has never seen one. Let alone this masterpiece. There are so many things that all of us have on our to do lists or “Bucket” list. So many things that people talk about all their lives but never do. I feel that seeing this painting is important…Dan needs to see this painting.

So, the next painting I sell…I’m sending this stranger to see it.

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A friend told me the other day, “I believe that when you die, that is it. Over. Nothing more.”

To this I replied, Buddhist, Christian, or atheist what does it matter? Heaven, reincarnation, or cosmic dust…this is the life that I am awake for now. This moment. Live it to the fullest. Be kind to as many as one can. Loving everyone and everything is heaven. Loving everyone is enlightenment. Loving everyone is the best way to use the one life that you are aware of.

Decisions: “This is it! This is your life. Are you who you want to be?”


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