Duck Pond 3

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Fifteen leotards were left on the table. The sign read, “Each leo is $5, and I am collecting the money for “*****” charity.” Slowly the leotards disappeared, and in their place, $5’s, $10’s, and $20’s were stuffed into a make shift repository made from an old kleenex box. The leos and the money sat on the table untouched for over a week. Which prompted me to ask myself, which is more inspiring? The fact that the money is still there, or the fact that a 10 year old girl had the idea to sell her old leos to help others?

In the lost and found, there is an iphone and an ipod…they have been there for a month…no one has taken them. Although, I must admit all the boys have been salivating over them. They alerted me to their presence—and yet none of them took one.


While preparing for a vacation to Jamaica, one of my colleagues solicited friends and family to donate “stuff” for kids, schools, and medical clinics. She decided to take 2 days out of her vacation to deliver the coloring books, crayons, thermometers, and what have you to the poorer people living in the hills. She collected over 120 lbs. of supplies, and had to ship the load ahead of her…all out of her own pocket.



A gym owner woke one morning to find that the head coach had been taking pictures of the girls while they changed. Devastated, the girls found themselves not only violated, but devoid a coach. In response, a couple of coaches at my gym decided to take the girls on and help them through the rest of the season.

Today I got to help a girl who didn’t believe in herself. When I introduced a new skill she said, “I can’t”. I said, “OK, give up.” That wasn’t what she was expecting. She was expecting me to say something about “Never say can’t” or “Whether you believe you can or can’t, you are right”. But when faced with the unexpected i.e. the logical end to her argument and the idea of giving up before even attempting the skill, she miraculously found herself determined to try. Three tries later she was the best in the group.

Why do you work where you do? Why do you commute an hour or two to your job? What do you get back from your “labor”? What is the incentive…only money? Is silver so precious that you would trade your happiness, your health, your sleep, and your life for it?

These are the kind of people I work with, this is the community, these are the children…it makes going to the gym an easy choice everyday.

Duck Pond 2