Blind Change

My coaching responsibilities as of late have doubled, soon they will triple. Coaches leave, it is part of life. But, while I’ve been picking up more duties, and my role changes, it is more of a struggle to be Peace…and at peace.  I wish to be Peace the man, Peace the artist, Peace the coach, and to actually BE peace in every situation. I don’t always succeed.

Stalder Drills

One way that has suffered is my time in which to do art, to paint, and to be a wandering artist. It is a choice, a choice I make willingly…but I must watch not to become lost in the weeds. Coaching is something I do because it is a powerful way to effect and affect children and peoples lives. However, so does painting. And coaching is not painting.

Stalder Concept

Since I have less time now, I have taken to marrying my distractions to my calling. All students learn differently. Some are auditory learners; they understand and grasp concepts best while hearing them. Others are visual learners; by seeing a demonstration, illustration, or animation they grasp the concept most readily. Finally, there are those who are kinesthetic learners; those who learn best by doing, and by having their bodies manipulated for them.

Most people use a little of all.

A friend told me recently, “Everyone uses stick figures.” It is with this thought in mind that I have begun creating skill and drill sheets for my students rendered how “I” see and how “I” think about these skills. Since the number of my students have multiplied, I find it useful to come to the gym with an in depth look and explanation of what concepts I’m trying to convey. These drawings serve that purpose. In addition, I can give my students a rest station, where they can read and re-read the explanations and memorize the figures, hopefully replicating them on their next turn.

Without Vision the people perish. Hopefully, this will alleviate some of that. After all it is called Artistic Gymnastics.