I awoke at 3:36 am. “Oh man…I forgot to close the chicken pen. Oh well…the sun will be up in 2 hours.” And with that thought, I went back to bed. But, the raccoons came, and they came at 5:30am.

She barely survived. Her right eye is gone, and the back of her neck was badly damaged. Her brain doesn’t seem to be firing well. Her head keeps drooping to the side. Drooping as if she is falling asleep, and then bouncing back as if she is fighting to stay awake. She won’t live long. She won’t drink water unless I force her beak into water, but her beak is mis-aligned. I think her jaw is broken. “Drown or drink,” this isn’t not quality of life. I feel so bad.

My friends had asked me to take care of their chickens. A month of nothing but success. “Merde!!!” I feel so bad.

Samsara. All life is suffering, but it is my laziness and negligence that causes this animal now to suffer. What then are the lessons to be learned?

1. When you wake up in the middle of the night…trust you gut.

2. Don’t let your laziness be the cause of the suffering of other sentient beings.

3. This is the cycle of life, raccoons kill chickens. What is of greater value, the chickens’ life of the lives of the raccoons that eat them?

4. Be present. Mourn her. Love her. Be Kind.