Slow Pitch


I was encouraged a year ago to start selling my “peaces” to raise money to help people. I tried it, and because of the generosity of strangers, I was able to sponsor several young kids’ gymnastics lessons, feed some homeless, and help keep others warm. But selling works isn’t what I’m about.

I was sitting painting a trellis and all it’s myriad flowers when Ilene walked into my field of view and remarked, “Someone should do a painting of you.”

I offered her my brushes and pencils.

She and I talked for awhile. We talked about the history of the neighborhood, what this person and that person had done to make their families lives happier by improving their lawns or planting this and that tree. Ilene has reached that age where the silver starts to peak through. She confided in me that she wasn’t having a good day until we met. She was frustrated and stewing on a problem. When I offered her the painting I was working on and a hug, her face and her spirits lifted.

This is why I paint. I can do more good I believe by giving my works away than by selling them. I can make kids smile and old men cry happy tears with a painting of a baseball field.

Perhaps some of these “treasured” paintings will be lost, discarded, or forgotten. I gave a large oil painting away in San Francisco, only to be contacted by a man in Australia who wanted to know the paintings history because he found it in a Goodwill. He bought it and brought it back to Oz. By mere coincidence he stumbled upon my website, and found the painting…what are the odds?

You know…I didn’t even take a photo of the peace I gave Ilene. It wasn’t about the peace of art—it was about her.