You are what you seek. I really do believe we create our own realities around us.

A man called me on the phone the other day and asked me, “Hey Peace, I need some advice.” He explained his situation, and my only advice was this. “Do the most loving thing, the most compassionate thing you can think of.”

He asked me, “I don’t know what that is?” I answered back, “It is the selfless act not the selfish one.”

Jar of Flowers

Without thinking, I say “Life is Good” a lot. One of my students took the time to process the statement…to think about it…to weigh it to see if it was/is true. As it happens, she saw a sticker with that exact phrase on it, and because of her, it now adorns my door.

But, has the question been answered? Is life good? Is life good merely when you are on vacation, when your bills are paid, when you have “no problems”? Or is life always good? In fact, is one’s life dependent upon one’s perspective rather than circumstance? It always bothered me that Tim Tebow only got down on his knee to thank god publicly after a great play…but not after a fumble too.


Gordon was walking down the street in front of my porch. I overheard him talking on the phone about the nature of the universe. About how love and compassion were the only things worth living for and giving away. I heard him talk about how art must be infused into every act we make as humans. Intrigued, I invited him up for a beer.

We talked for several hours. Lao Tzu, Rumi, Jesus, and Buddhist koans were ruminated over, but the nature of our discussion revolved around the question. The question that drives all quests to explain and all beliefs in “magic”. THE question.

“Now that I am awake…what is the purpose of life?”

For me that answer has been made abundantly clear—we are here to love.