I believe all people are good. I believe that on occasion, we just choose poorly. My desire is to choose better.


Manson, Hitler, Stalin, Genghis Khan, Attila The Hun, Robespierre, Idi Amin, Leopold II, Pol Pot, Vlad the Impaler, Ivan the Terrible, Bush, Cheney, Obama, or whoever you think is the incarnation of evil. They all have chosen to be unloving at times. I have chosen to be unloving at times. Who am I to condemn them?

And yet, how are unkind people generated. How does a baby learn to do evil…from those around them. Walt Whitman wrote, “Be curious, not judgmental.” Curiosity by it’s very nature seeks to understand. I have the chance to affect and effect the world for good. The hand that rocks the cradle does rule the world.  Therefore, to be kind is the essential…and oh how I fail at that simple task so often.

I need to choose love, I hope you will too.