If you are like me, you will encounter many human beings who claims to be from this religion or that tradition. No matter what belief system they claim, if love, kindness and compassion are the central tenets of the religion, consider yourself lucky.

And if, upon meeting this person, you find that they behave contrary to the human code of ethics. If their deeds aren’t in accordance with love, kindness, or compassion, do not ask, “What kind of religion is this, or what kind of follower is he or she?”

Rather, be grateful. To be grateful, simply ask, “What kind of person would this have been had he or she not been involved?”

I lost my temper the other day. I beat myself up pretty good after doing so. This simple question, “Who would I be otherwise?” allowed me to find “peace” again. I can measure my life by my misses or my makes. Nobody remembers Babe Ruth for his strike outs…only his home runs.