I paint my life.

Some people paint fruit, or landscapes, and still others paint a whole myriad of other subjects. But, I paint my life. I paint the things, events, places, and people that surround me. In a sense, what I paint is what I care about…and by extension how I choose to see the world.

In 2012, I painted, drew, and gave away over 500 “Peaces” of art. A Peace of me.  They have meant something.

In 2013, I did less, but more focused work. I sold some online, and was able to use the proceeds to help people, mostly children. I’m very proud to have collaborated with people like that.

Now in 2014, I plan to do a painting a day. This isn’t new, or even novel. I have two friends who have done a project like this. But, I am not painting their lives…I’m painting mine.