Hello As I read about your first encounter with Tom 2 years ago, #274, I was deeply touched by your realization of the man who was Tom, giving to all and beloved by all. Your words in 2012 and this month have touched so many lives and helps Tom to live on. Pushes all of us to be better. Challenges us too follow his lead and move from words to actions.I am contacting you with a request.My request is this – could you paint a picture and sign it for Tom’s family. You make a difference. Not just now, but your words and art will make a difference in generations to come. I think of his sweet granddaughter who is not yet two. While she will have some memories of fun Paw Paw Tom, it will be stories such as yours that will demonstrate the true measure of her Paw Paw. I know that you will know what the picture should be.

I received this request about a month ago. I’ve spent a good deal of time trying to create the “right” piece…the “right” “peace” of art for Tom’s family. Then my palette broke. I started this painting with one palette, and then finished with another. Anyone who knows me knows I have A LOT of paint. I used to make own. In setting up my new palette it made me decide what I really wanted on it, what colors and why? Purples, greens, yellows, blues, and reds…why and which ones. Tom’s is the first painting with my palette. Not a cribbed gathering of others important paints, but mine. Tom didn’t live by convention, a painting should match. It was important to make that distinction. The old oak, it had lost a couple of limbs, it had signs of age, but it was beautiful and created an environment around it that allowed all to thrive. Just like Tom.